Arlington Army Veteran Receives a Heartwarming Surprise From a Local Business Owner

Disabled army veteran,  LeRoy Dick, was thanked for his service with a special gift Saturday morning. Robert W. Koenigseder, the owner of Midas in Arlington, Texas, and 1-800 Charity Cars worked together to surprise Mr. Dick with a fully renovated Dodge Caliber.

The vehicle was donated by 1-800 Charity Cars and repaired and restored by Midas of Bowling Green.

Reliable transportation is a gateway to a better quality of life. A desperate need for people like Mr. Dick. He is disabled and on a very low fixed income.  When his wife of 30 years recently passed away, he lost everything. He currently lives with his only companion, his beloved cat, in his 26-year-old RV. Without reliable transportation getting to his doctor’s appointments at the VA has become a challenge. Even the simple errand of picking up groceries can become an uphill battle. Living check to check, finding the funds for transportation wasn’t feasible for Mr.Dick.

The locally owned and operated Midas shop is busy fixing more than just cars. As part of the community, owner Robert W. Koenigseder ignites the change he wants to see in Arlington. Through the Midas Project Spark initiative hard-working individuals are surprised with transportation that allows them to create a better life for themselves, their family, and their community. Each year Midas locations across the country repair vehicles for families, veterans, and first responders. By getting people back on the road, the local business is helping improve lives and make our community a touch better.

As a community this Veterans Day, let’s honor the well-deserved heroes that have served our country.

Arlington Network